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Find out what is available, discuss specific models, and get on our waiting list. Tell us about the musician– what level, height, teacher….  We can then make more precise recommendations and reservations.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I extend the rental beyond 1 year?  Yes, most of our customers will rent 1 to 3 years with the same harp. Renewal is for another full year.  You may not stop early.
  • Can I choose the exact harp? (eg. color, shape…)  Usually no.  We try to accommodate different needs (eg. size of player), but otherwise all are in excellent condition as described and shipping/delivery becomes the issue.
  • Can I buy the harp I am renting?  No. 
  • Do you rent to schools?  Yes, we are a registered company that can send compliant electronic invoices in Slovenia, Italy, and other locations.  Terms are otherwise the same.
  • How do I reserve my harp?  Contact us to start the process.  A signed contract will reserve your harp for the next school year.
  • When do you deliver harps?  We make two delivery times: first part of September and first part of October.
  • How will my harp arrive? Depending on our delivery scheduling, we either do our own delivery or arrange shipping in special harp boxes. 
  • What if I don’t like my harp?  You have 30 days to return the harp and cancel your contract.
  • Can I return my harp early if I buy one mid season? No, but occasionally we have someone nearby on a waiting list that can take over your contract.
  • Can I transport the harp myself and save money?  Usually no.  Sometimes harps will transfer between students of the same teacher or students located very near Ljubljana can get special arrangements.
  • Why to you charge return shipping at the beginning?  Basic psychology.  When a student stops playing, there are often a few months where they are not using the instrument.  The addition return transportation expense on an instrument not being used feels terrible, thus we charge to/from transportation at the beginning.