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Long Term Student Harps in Europe


Adriatic Harp Rentals brings student harps to everyone

Harp practice requires dedication, skill, love, and access to an instrument.  We exist to bring affordable, reliable, well maintained instruments that are matched to the student’s need (ie. height, learning stage, budget, teacher’s preference, etc) and rented by the school year.  No risk, no big investment, no complexity.

Student Pedal Harps Available
Celtic Harps Available
Concert Pedal Harps Available

The Right Instrument

We offer mainly 46 string student harps by different harp makers for home practice.  We love classic Salvi Orchestras and the newer Daphne 46/47. They are workhorse instruments for many students through the years with good sound and solid construction.  (We tend to avoid the lower cost Salvi Daphne 40 models because all but the smallest players quickly outgrow them.) The Camac Schola is our favorite for taller students yet still great price performance. For those who do an occasional performance with their home harp, but not ready for the full expense of a concert harp, our Liuteria Artigana (ex-Salvi harp makers) Deneb tends to be a good compromise.
For students who will use their harp for home practice and performances, the Salvi Aurora concert harp offers an excellent balance of sound, durability and price.

Our Instruments

(in order of popularity)
    • 46 or 47 string student pedal harps by Salvi, Camac and Liuteria Artigiana
    • Celtic harps by Salvi or Camac
    • Concert harps by Salvi
    All instruments :
  • Are in good working order.
  • In addition, we take the risk of instrument breakage– including expensive sounding boards and mechanics.  No deposits are ever required.
  • Receive regular service and registration by factory trained technicians.
  • Strung correctly with nylon,  gut, and wire base strings as designed.
  • Provided with transport cover and full insurance at no extra charge
    Optional Extras:
  • Door to door transportation in Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Hungary.
  • Transport cart for easier movement of the harp.
Not Available:
  • No short term rentals.  We specialize in serving harpist focused on learning and provide year to year contracts.
  • No 40 string pedal models.

About Us

Adriatic Harp Rentals’ founder, Sofia Ristic, is the Principal Harpist of the Slovenian RTV Orchestra. 

Based in Ljubljana, we have helped hundreds of families with worry free instruments at the right level at the right time. 

The 2023-2024 School Year is Sooner Than You Think